Groundserve & AVB

Groundserve is an approved installer of AVBs fibre optic broadband. A pure fibre network which means it’s 100% fibre all the way to your doorstep. There is no copper, no old technology, no aerials – just 100% pure fibre!

Groundserve are contracted to install AVB fibre optic network within the public highways. Installing connection points outside each property ready for home installation.

Getting Started

Installation is fast and easy with Groundserve installations. To get started follow the simple steps below:

  • Connector.


    Contact Groundserve to express interest and arrange pre-install survey.

  • Connector.

    Pre-install Survey

    Groundserve will visit you to inspect what is required, installation cost and date are confirmed.

  • Connector.

    Install AVB Pure Fibre

    Pure Fibre Broadband is installed ready for use.

Contact Us

Message Us

For any questions regarding our installation services, don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

  • Installation is carried out by Groundserve (Groundserve hereafter) and forms an agreement between the Customer and Groundserve.
  • It is the responsibility of the Customer to inform Groundserve of any underground obstructions, infrastructure or equipment that may be subject to damage or cause damage to our Engineers or equipment.
  • A planned installation time of three hours is based as a guide, where the installation is non-standard or more complex Groundserve reserves the right to extend the time period.
  • Hard surface re-instatement may be carried out at an alternative time.
  • All installation work is warrantied for a period of 12 months; this does not include third party damage, inappropriate use or damage caused by events outside of Groundserve’s control and is separate from any warranty Customer Agreement with AVB.
  • Should the installation be more complicated than initially assumed and/or is not included in the standard installation criteria Groundserve reserves the right not to carry out the installation as per this offer, free surveys are available and Groundserve will endeavor to connect all AVB Customers to the service.
  • In the event of an appointment being delayed/cancelled by events beyond our control Groundserve will endeavor to inform the Customer at the earliest opportunity and make alternative arrangements. Cutting of lawn and hard surface can be affected by adverse weather conditions, Groundserve shall not be responsible for any delays or cancellations caused by adverse weather, associated issues or events beyond our control.
  • In the event of no access to a property or cancellation of the appointed time Groundserve shall offer an alternative appointment time.
  • Groundserve wants all AVB’s Customers to be happy with the service they receive from Groundserve, in the event of any issue or matter of complaint the issue shall in the first instance be referred to Groundserve and if not resolved to the Customers satisfaction passed onto AVB.
  • Re-instatement of hard service shall be carried out to the best of the operatives ability, please note there may be some difference in finish and colour, Groundserve will endeavor to keep this to a minimum.
  • Where lawn is cut there may be evidence of this work, Groundserve shall introduce grass seed, however whilst every effort is taken it is not possible to bury a cable without some form of mark or disruption.
  • Where required the fibre cable can be installed in a black 20mm flexible duct, this is recommended where it is not possible to dig to the required depth, such as where tree roots or underground obstructions are present, duct is charged at £ 2.50 per meter including VAT at 20%.
  • Groundserve reserves the right to carry out the installation over multiple visits, our installation model is based on one visit however there may be rare occasions where we need to come back, additionally we may sometimes ask if we can carry out a certain activity prior to the installation date in order to speed up the work, we will of course speak to you first and check this is ok.
  • Engineers are not permitted to lift paving slabs or drill through, or under certain types of walls or structures, these items will be discussed during the pre-install meeting prior to the Engineers starting the work, if it is agreed to lift slabs or similar items Groundserve is not responsible for the re-instatement or repair. This also applies to other paving products including block paving.
  • Where Customers have existing underground ducts, these can only be utilised if they are the property of the Customer. Groundserve does not accept any responsibility for any work carried out within these ducts, including disruption to existing services. Any services that are installed in other utility ducts that are subsequently required to be removed shall be the responsibility of the Customer.
  • By signing the Service Delivery Form, the Customer agrees to take full responsibility for gaining and authorising permissions, wayleaves, rights of access etc. Where work is carried out across common land or land (property) belonging to a third party Groundserve shall not be held responsible for any resulting access, wayleave or right of access disputes and not responsible for any costs (including legal) or remedial actions that may arise.
  • Groundserve will not attend Customer properties without a Customer representative over the age of 18 being present.
  • Groundserve reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions as required; any changes shall be published as required.
  • All prices stated for residential Customers include VAT at 20%, Business Customer quotations are subject to VAT at 20%

Frequently Asked Questions

All installations come with a 12 month guarantee. In the event of a fault please Contact Us (some terms and conditions will apply).
On average installation will take 2 to 3 hours but this is dependent on ground conditions, finishes and access to and within the property. This will all be discussed during the pre-install survey (all works are weather permitting).